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Blue Mountain Ministries


Pastor James 

Pastor Melody

Pastor James was reborn into the Kingdom in 2001. He received his call from God to ministry and has attended Liberty University's        Rawlings School of Divinity earning a BS in Religion and Masters in  Christian Ministries. He has a heart for outreach and seeing the lost return home to the Father.  Outside of ministry he works in the medical field as a nurse and volunteers as a firefighter/EMT.

Pastor Melody was reborn into the Kingdom at an early age and has been a believer since her teenage years. As she received her call to evangelistic ministry, Melody attended Liberty University's Rawlings School of Divinity earning a BS in Religion, Masters in Religious Education and Masters in Divinity concentrating in Apologetics. Outside of her ministry work she is an accomplished artist, singer, school teacher and volunteers as a firefighter/EMT.

We Are Creative

We feel that it takes creativity to reach the lost in today's world.  We are seeking new ways to connect with people every day.

Time Never Stops

Jesus will be returning for the church and we want every single person we can reach to be ready.  Tomorrow is never a guarantee and today is the day of salvation 

for YOU!

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